Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Firefighting Damage in Kitchen

This home in Glendale, AZ was no match for the damage the fire and firefighters created in the kitchen. The fire was in the attic which is why all the insulatio... READ MORE

What should I do after a kitchen fire?

The kitchen is where the most fire damages happen in a home. Don't let it be too stressful by following these steps. After leaving the house call the firefighte... READ MORE

How to get rid of smoke smell?

Fire is hard to clean especially because of the smoke smell. Here are the steps we take to get your home smelling fresh again. Remove all of the damaged and bur... READ MORE

Exposed Wall Due to Fire Damage

Fire damage cleanup is on a case by case basis. The general process stays the same but each home comes with their own situations. There is some information will... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Cleanup

Kitchen Fire with Water Damage Water is often present after a fire because the firefighters need to use water to put out the fire. Between the fire, water, and ... READ MORE

Grand Manor, AZ Home Fire Cleanup

Cleanup of a fire is not to be left to armatures. This home had smoke and soot damage from a having burned something on the stove. The smoke odor permeates the ... READ MORE