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One day a pipe busted in my bathroom Flooding my entire bedroom and my laundry Room and SERVPRO was amazing they took out all of the water they kept me updated on every single thing I would highly recommend using SERVPRO again and everyone to use SERVPRO because they are beyond amazing I don't know what I have done without SERVPRO

Prompt response and always kept in touch with me through the process.

I highly recommend SERVPRO for any restoration service. We have used them for multiple projects in our home. Their employees are always on time, reliable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

Great team- they are always prompt and courteous. walked me through the whole flood process.

Professional staff, excellent service!

great team and great work. thank you!

Very impressed with their quality of work. Explained the whole process before starting and kept me informed throughout.

Thank you SERVPRO for fixing our house fast. We are grateful!

I was so please with the work they did in our home.  It was done fast and with out major issues. Just an awesome group of people.

They were really helpful when I needed it. They worked hard and fast. Thank you SERVPRO

When our home flooded because of our old hot water heater, I really had no clue what to do. Called SERVPRO because a friend of mine said they were good.  That was an understatement. 

It still amazes me how these workers were able to do what they did so quickly. I appreciate all the work you did for us.

Such a lovely group of young men who came to fix my home. Thank you! 

SERVPRO was very professional and polite.  I would recommend them to all our family and friends for any restoration needs. 

"SERVPRO was amazing to work with.  After we found out we had mold during a kitchen remodel we were devastated.  We had been referred to SERVPRO of Peoria/West Glendale.  They were professional and prompt.  I would recommend to anyone."

SERVPRO was very prompt and professional.  I would recommend them to any of my family or friends.  I am glad we chose this route. They made it stress free.

I would recommend SERVPRO to all my friends, family, or coworkers.  They made it stress and hassle free.  I could not have asked for better service. 

"We would like to thank SERVPRO of Glendale for all our commercial needs.  The service was exceptional.  Thank you."

"I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone for their Commercial needs. They were very polite and got us back up and running in a timely manner.  Thank you for all who were involved."

"SERVPRO did an excellent job in helping with the demo of our kitchen due to Mold after water damage." 

"SERVPRO of Peoria did an excellent job at assisting us with Storm Damaged.  They covered our roof and made sure all of our assets were safe and dry from any weather.  All the work was performed in a timely manner.  Took the stress of all damages away."

I would recommend SERVPRO for any commercial needs!

"Our business was affected with a main water break and flooded our warehouse.  SERVPRO was prompt in getting to us and everyone involved were polite and a delight to work with.  We couldn't have got it all dried up without their help."

"I would recommend SERVPRO for any fire damage.  They were very prompt with all services they provide. They take the hassle out of everything. Thank you!"

"SERVPRO of Peoria was very professional.  They took all matters into their hands and made removing the mold from our home stress free."

"SERVPRO of Glendale were very polite to work with.  I am very satisfied with the work performed.  They saved us the hassle of calling multiple people for each job and kept us in the loop.  Thank you!"

"I would recommend SERVPRO of Glendale to all my friends and family.  They did a great job with our water damage.  The technicians were great and did an excellent job with getting the water up before our hardwood got damaged."

"Our Fire Damage was a tragedy to us!  SERVPRO took the stress away!  I would recommend to anyone.  Thank you."

"I would recommend them for any Fire Damage to my family and friends!"

"SERVPRO was very polite and easy to work with.  Our water damage in the bathroom was taken care of in a timely manner.  The techs were great! Thank you SERVPRO of Peoria."

SERVPRO did an excellent job at meeting all of our storm damage needs.  The clean up was great and all repairs were done in a timely manner.  Wouldn't have asked for better service.  Thank you!

"The technicians that came to work on our home were very polite and prompt in completing our residential repairs.  I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone!"

"I would recommend SERVPRO Peoria to all my friends and family in any emergency storm damage needs."

"SERVPRO was a life saver for my restoration needs! Thank you for your excellent service."

"I would recomment SERVPRO of Peoria/W. Glendale to my friends, family and colleagues and I would use them for future restoration needs." 

"The SERVPRO technicians clearly explained the process and I was confident in their knowledge and professionalism." 

"The estimator that surveyed the job was prompt, courteous and polite and the production staff was neat, courteous, knowledgeable and professional.  

"Well organized, patient and knowledgeable artisans worthy of their craft.  They never minded me watching them work and asking questions." 

"Very happy with their service.  Their promptness was a great relief off my stress." 

I would use the SERVPRO Franchise who handled my loss for future restoration needs.  

"I was confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the SERVPRO Franchise's on-site personnel who performed the services at my house." 

Hi Kelly !

I was just talking about you the other day - your ears must have been ringing !

I am still singing the praises of your whole team ! We still feel so fortunate & blessed to have had you all working with us.

The island is coming around, albeit slowly. Many houses are being raised. Quite a production & awesome to watch. Others are still plugging away at getting contractors in and doing the cleanup.

Hi Kelly -

You guys are the best ! I haven't stopped talking about our experience with all of you. We appreciate all you did for us.

Looks like we will be moving in after the new year. Too much to try to get in before Christmas. The painters are in there now and it's really starting to come along.

Please wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.

I hope you have a great Christmas and all the best to you in the new year.

Take care, Sophia